Our history

Ljusprofilen AB was started in 1981 by Rune Hansson. The operations are conducted in own premises in Berghem since 1982. Berghem is a small community located in Marks Kommun, Västergötland in Sweden.

The corporate idea was from the beginning to build customized stage lighting for dance bands and artists, which has evolved into the fact that today we produce outlet boxes, multi-cables and more. for fixed and mobile use in both theater and touring activities. But our main occupation is cabling manufacturing for industry, as well as assembly work.

New Owner

In 2016, Frank Johansson takes over the ownership of Rune Hansson who retires with his wife. In connection with this, we change our name to Cablegroup Electronics, update our graphic profile and build new website. Adiga AB, a company in the consulting industry, becomes a partner with 25%. Frank has a history of manufacturing in the past 30 years as a leader. Adiga AB is a company that works with consultants in product development, strategic purchasing, etc. The benefits are more, we have access to skilled engineering engineers, strategic purchasing, accounting, etc. and a sales office in the center of Gothenburg.